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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letters To Juliet + Leap Year


hi my sweet and handsome readers=P..

heeee..kowang mesti anoyying + bored coz im such a very very free to hupdate my blog lately..sebab tuh aku puji2 lu kowang so that you oulls getting excited to read my entry..hehehe..XP..and there are still another entry I wanna share with..just wait for it =)

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Leap Year........

Letters To Juliet............

actually I just watch Leap Year movie last night..eventhough citer nie da lama kuar, but aku jerk yang ketinggalan keteapi baru tahun nie nak tengok..but at least tengok gak la an..heeeeeeeeeee

and how about Letters To Juliet??

Both of this movies are kind of romantic story..I like it..=)

But the things is

Both of it shows that,

Being in love for many many years didn't guarantee that you will be married each other in the future..sometimes, person who in a relationship didn't realize whether it is a LOVE or the couple already ADAPT with the situations which means you just wanna kind of relationship just like the others do..and just until when the time comes, you will found YOUR LOVER without your permission..

Back to the basic..

We are belonging to Allah..He knows better than us..Just go with the flow and enjoy it =)

thanz for reading this entry!!


  1. good! tak sangka dah habis study. kena penuhi tuntutan agama ni. jom kawen :D

  2. ohh lupa..HAHA! i mean, saya yang habis setadi. awak? jumpa lagi tahun depan :P