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Thursday, March 24, 2011

When it comes to my mind


nothing special moment to tell here rite now..it just about me and myself..lately, I always have a mixed feeling regarding to something happen..oh iQa..even it just not a big deal at all..I hate this feeling when it comes to me..shuh2..go away from my life..I just want to be someone who are simple in her life..do not simply wasting my time to think about something that are not sure to happen..just concentrate on what happen in front of me..may I just be like that??hmm..

it is a useless thing when you are trying to blame the others and even your surrounding..iQa please adapt on whatever situation you are..or not..it just make you feel tired with yourself..just grab any opportunity infront of you..you know your ability and you and you know you can do it..chayo2 iQa!!

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